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You’re dying to get out on the water. You want to buy a kayak or looking for kayak hire, but your budget is limited. You know that you want to paddle some lakes and a few rivers that aren’t white water, but what kind of kayak do you buy? How do you know you are getting a great deal on a kayak? Will you even want to use this kayak in a year?

First, let’s make sure you understand what a recreational kayak is, before we even get to the point of talking about the best cheap kayaks on the market. Unfortunately for so many people, a cheap recreational kayak hire has turned out to be just that – cheap!

5 things to look for in a recreational kayak:

Comfortable Seating

Any kayak you buy should have padding on the seat and some adjustments that can be made to the seat. You are stuck with the seat on any kayak that you get, so your money will be well spent by making sure your seat is properly padded and adjustable.

Size Matters… not so much

Kayaks come in different lengths for a reason. Generally, the shorter the kayak, the easier it is to turn and maneuver. The longer the kayak, the better it tracks in a straight line. It is important to know what types of water you will be paddling in before you make a purchase. Recreational kayaks are generally between 10′ and 12′.

There isn’t going to be a huge amount difference between a 10′ and 12′ kayak. Both sizes work great in several types of water, so don’t sweat too much over this choice.

Storage Space and Deck Rigging

Anytime you are looking at recreational kayaks, you want to pay attention to the available amount of dry storage space built into the kayak. Trust me, you will want to take things out with you that you don’t want to get wet, so this space will be extremely valuable.

Look at the outside of the kayak. Does it have a paddle holder and other bungee type rigging around the deck for storing items you want to keep within reach?


Realistically, you should plan on spending $500-$700 on a good quality kayak. There are plenty of name brand models that have good recreational kayaks in this price range. In this price range, you can get good storage space and great seating that you will be happy with for a long time. You can find kayaks much cheaper than $500, but honestly I would not recommend going with a kayak that is at the bottom of the price range.


You will never regret purchasing a kayak from a kayak building company. I have seen tons of generic molded kayaks made in factories overseas, that have a label slapped on them and they are widely sold at low cost outlets all over the country. There are a lot of reasons to avoid these kayaks, but the main reason is that they are not made by people who actually kayak hire. There are several US based companies that were started by kayaking enthusiasts, and they make great kayaks.

To conclude:

I want you to get the best recreational kayak you can, for the cheapest price. It may mean you need to shop around and look for deals. Getting from a kayak making kayak hire Sydney will mean you get a great recreational kayak that you can use for many years to come.

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